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LIS italian blogs feed party with twitter spice

9 Ago

Dopo il decesso di Google Reader, non avevo più preso in mano il mio comodissimo feed rss con tutti i blog/siti italiani legati al mondo delle biblioteche.

Stasera, siccome avrei dovuto fare una valigia, ho pensato di prendere in mano il mitologico Yahoo Pipes (altro che quelle cose da hipster tipo IFTTT) e aggregare feed.

Oltre al widget qui a destra, trovate l’elenco dei siti e il feed direttamente su Yahoo Pipes.

Il desiderio di aggiornare il feed deriva anche dal fatto che volevo segnalare una promettente new entry di questa briosa blogosfera: http://inmediaref.wordpress.com/ che sul suo blog parla di biblioteche, social media, graphic design (applausi!)

Chi manca dal feed, ma devo assolutamente segnalare, è il fantasmagorico corso 23 cose da fare in biblioteca https://23cose.wikispaces.com/ attivo già da diversi mesi (ma qui chi è che mi dice le cose!?!?!) Purtroppo è un po’ un casino avere il feed del wikispace… Ah, trovate il feed dei blog che hanno partecipato alla pagina http://www.netvibes.com/23cose#Blog_23_cose

Comunque potete seguire 23cose su twitter. A proposito. Mi pare che nell’ultimo anno la presenza bibliotecaria su twitter sia abbastanza aumentata…. Ecco, allora replico la lista anche lì, che mi pare ci siano anche altre persone: https://twitter.com/gbonanome/lis-italian-twitter

Keep up to date good news

10 Lug

Thing 4: Current awareness – Twitter, RSS and Pushnote

(vai alla versione in italiano)

“I’ve got it, got it, miss it. Ah, a new one!”
Sounds like when we were children and trading collecting cards (like public phone’s or soccer player’s ones).
Twitter is a big help to keep up-to-date, I’ve builded my network mainly on professional side, not only ‘cause none of my friends use it, also because it’s the fastest way to find quality contents (yes, better than online newspapers).
I’m a fan of RSS feed and two years ago tryed to spread rss love to my friends. When i browse the net I’m really sad to notice there’s still sites without a feed service. Google reader bundle is not so friendly, but really usefull. For example, when started cpd23 and tryed to found other italian librarian blogs, i’ve created the one you can find on this site.
Pushnote is new to me, but i found really interesting the possibility to vote and comment every site’s page. Unfortunately I found a couple of things not so good in the service. There are really a looooot of page’s on the web…a looooot of….so if you don’t have friends or neighbours it’s difficult to take advantage from the tool. I mean, to take advantage to discover things. I think it could be really usefull for that resources still without feedback capability, like comments or similar.

For this lessons I have a tool to suggest too. Summify.
It’s a tool that summarize updates/posts/feeds from: facebook, twitter, google reader (or an OPML file). Based on a simple alghoritm, provide to your mail a summary of the top N stories of the day/week/month. You can filter and train the summary with things or domain you like or dislike.
For me it’s a great tool, because (sometimes) I suffer the overflowing noise from people that re-tweet 1 news-per-second. I prefer a daily digest of the 10 top news from my network.

Ultimately I think it’s aways a matter of “what’s your network?

Update, few hour later.
After reading the post on Dots&Loops, I forgot Instapaper!!! I have a Kindle, I have 40′ when I’m on the train to/from my office, I read a lot “later”. Speak about it in a previous post.

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