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You had better stop and think before you think, think!!

17 Lug

Thing 5: Reflective practice

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mumble, mumble… I’m reflecting on the reflective practice….
I thought to be reflective. In fact I share Katie’s point of view about what it really means to me: “thinking about what you’ve done and are doing“.
Thinking this, as stated on the presentation of the lesson, the main difficult is time. And when i say “time” i mean “practice” 😛
So, if you’re not used to spend time to rethink what you’ve done, the entire practice could be difficult.

But been introduced to the reflective practice with its literature bring me a little further. First of all, even if you’re used to think on what you’ve done, awareness on the matter improve your skills about how you could get better.
Then remind me that (on professional side) is not enough to “stop->think->start“, there would be a map, you must put the reflection in context.

So, just to repeat what’s reflective practice (for me):

  1. find something to think about (remembering the suggestion “be selective”).
  2. once you find something you could evaluate, evaluate it.
  3. finally apply what you learnt from your (or others) evaluation.

The simplest example:

  1. cpd23 partecipation
  2. it’s a good program, not only because it focuses on reflective practice (do a thing, review it, think how this thing could affect your professional side), but also beacuse increase my network and I get used to create conversations.
  3. basically I’ll continue to follow this program and spread the love for it 🙂
    In practice I’ll try to turn the “stop->think->start” practice into “(stop and) find a target->(start to) do->(stop and) review->(start to) apply what you’ve learnt“.

Ah…trust me, is not as simple as it seems…

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