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Briefly on degrees, mentoring and social media

15 Ago

(vai alla versione in italiano)

Thing 10: Graduate traineeships, Masters Degrees, Chartership, Accreditation

If you want to know about training in Italy, I think you must look at this page on AIB site: http://www.aib.it/aib/form/form.htm3 (italian only)
There are listed a lot of courses (at univerity or not). Most of the informations may be out-of-date due to the continuos changes in universities assets (I think to Ca’ Foscari where, as I know until last year, LIS master course was merged with Padova’s one), but could be a good start point.
In addition, AIB offers a lot of useful courses during the year.

Anyhow, I’m not a librarian 🙂
I graduated in Japanese Language and Culture, then in Humanities Computing. It was a course intended for humanists that want to improve their informatics skills. A lot of my collegues now works in agencies or as communication experts. I took the library way, focused my thesis on ILS and been luckily hired by a very good italian company that develop its own ILS.
As far as I know, my master cannot be compared to a LIS master.

Thing 11: Mentoring

Sadly I didn’t find a mentor inside university. Indeed I never thought about mentoring as presented in the cpd23 post and don’t think that in the future I will present myself to a person with something like “please be my mentor“.
I would rather try to keep my mood on “don’t be shy to ask“. It’s the mood with which I started my job and think that’s a good point to develop a relation based on sharing knowledge.

Thing 12: Putting the social into social media

Don’t know what to say about social media. In a “profersonal” world doesn’t matter if I follow you on twitter, facebook or on your ’90s-static-site-without-a-simple-rss-feed. The matter is only if I follow you. The good point about social media is that they shift the conversations on a more comfortable environment, without many unnecessary formalisms. Indeed I don’t think we should thank social media but the Internet.

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