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Little Thumbling in the wide wide web

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Thing 3: Consider your personal brand

(vai alla versione in italiano)

Thinking about my online presence as my brand is really engaging. I love the term “profersonal” and, for the first time, i make ego-searching with a specific purpose.
Anyway, I must face with the fact that before been active in online libraryworld, i was active in online somethingelseworld for some years.
Be online for a lot of time, means leave a lot of breadcrumbs behind you. But, until my first gmail address, I identified myself with nicknames from comic world, and until my falling in love with humanities computing, the crumbs concern only the personal side.

Just before starting to develop my professional side, I choosed to take more control over my online presence. So, closed some accounts and stop using nicknames
Then I thought: “if a person spend time over my name on the web, why not satisfy him giving my personality?”, it’s not a matter of hide things, but to show first what counts. So I create a splash page that aggregate my profiles, professionals and personal.
Now, trying ego-searching..em…profersonal-searching, find that first results corcening mainly my professional activity in LIS space. Then come also something else (my personal blog, my activity in the university radio, something horror I wrote for a magazine…).

When this blog come in my mind was months before its opening, so i spend a lot of time thinking the better name and the purposes (as soon as I can I’ll translate and give more visibility to the first post, where I explain thoose things…i think).
Sadly, I feel comfortable with my avatar and don’t want stop use it. But my splash page is built over a giant photograph of me during a metropolitan safari with dinosaurs 😛

….so….this is the brand’s core values:”not hide my personality” that i hope is perceived during my job, on my professional side.
Do you think I’m on the right way?

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