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Calendar and notes management

28 Lug

(vai al sommario in italiano)

Thing 8: Google calendar

Simply: I use it.

Also, I suggest Lightning if you use Thunderbird to manage emails. It provide integration with Google Calendar at least for events, not for tasks. (as well as having the possibility to convert emails in tasks and events).

Finally, I think Google Calendar could be more suitable for sharing events than for time management. Even if I suppose that between Google Calendar and me, is the second to have a bigger problem with time management.

Thing 9: Evernote

I knew it, but: there’s no version for LINUX!!! Hey! Evernote-people from the outer space: linux came before iPad!!!

So, back to the problem:

You want to be able to make comments on webpages and archive them along with your own notes so that everything is all in the one place and easy to access.

then back to Evernote alternatives. Tried and used some of the listed for a lot, especially Tomboy and Zim. Now it’s from about 6 months I’m using CherryTree (sometimes google docs too).
I know, there a bit of difference between Evernote and an offline (sort-of) wiki. But, frankly, I don’t have frequently that kind of problem. If I find an interesting page I decide if: subscribe it via RSS, read it later, save on bookmark, twitt it, write something about. For the rest CherryTree seems fine to me.

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In network we trust

27 Lug

(vai al sommario in italiano)

Thing 6: Online networks

As previously said (somewhere, don’t ask a link, doesn’t matter, I’ve said, I’m sure I did) social networks are increasingly important in my everyday life.
Once upon a time in the far far web, it was a matter of “where I am” aka “I’m the first in, I won“. Sadly, for every shiny people time passes, no new connection were developed, so even the beautiful social network means “with who I’m inside” and “how I use it“.
I don’t play anything so I had to delete my MySpace account. What’s then? Facebook? Ah, yes, it’s the only place where I can find (almost) all my friends, and is the only tool they use to stay in touch (they don’t read nor reply to mail, don’t use blog, twitter or feed reader). Without fear for privacy (my updates and a lot of other informations are available only for my contact – not their networks) Facebook it’s a place for my friends, where I read their updates, chat with them and browse their photos.
LinkedIn seem the tool for the professional side, sadly even here I’m not in touch with a lot of professional, because everything started with friends connection. So I’m connected with a lot of humanists, but just a few of my connection reflect my actual professional side. Anyhow, I see a lot of professional people that use it like a social network for professional and prefer to read linkedin updates instead of twitter ones.
I love code4lib, it’s an informal (but really wide) group about people who code for libraries (unexpected?). I’m on the mailing list for 2 years, I think I’ve wrote 1 or 2 emails, but only cause I’m at the start of my profession.
Last week I discovered shambrarian international and fall in love with it’s philosophy, rules and passion for the beer. After a lot of time trying to explain myself my role on the lib-world, I think I’ve found the right place.
Google+ seems well done with its circles, but I return to the same questions (who use it? for what?). Until become clear for me what kind of niche google+ could be useful for, there’s no place for it 😛

Thing 7: Face-to-face and professional organization

Woha! UK and USA and the rest of the WORLD have a loooot of good organization.
In Italy there’s AIB. I’m not inside AIB, mainly because I’m too young, I think 😛
I’m following AIB mailing list (AIB-CUR), that’s distributed to more than 6000 accounts, I went to a couple of convention in 2008 and 2009, I read AIB publications if I can.
Despite my criticism with AIB (as it seems, to me, now), I’ve ended thinking that in Italy isn’t a matter of Library Association but of Librarianship as a discipline and a respectable job.
So, enlightened by the words of Enrico, I’m seriously thinking to stop my professional idenity crisis about been a librarian or a developer or an elephant or a refrigerator….and subscribe to AIB.

Ah, a special mention to virtual meeting online. I’m joined it near the end, but really appreciated. It was funny, shyness therapy, and a fast way to share idea,questions&answers.

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