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With great power comes great responsibility

25 Giu

Thing 2: Investigate some other blogs

(vai alla versione in italiano)

It’s not simple. At the beginning I was thinking that should be like my first day of school “say your name, prevous school, favourite cartoons and bands”. But I haven’t more than 500 classmates!
So I tried with:
1. people from non-english speaking countries. Like Ella (and others) from Latvia, with which i share the same feelings about spread in our native language the cpd23 experience.
2. people who commented my first post.
3. people who commented blog of people who commented my first post.
4. people who commented blog of people who commented blog of people who commented my first post.
5. meanwhile people from point 2-3-4 started to post about Thing 2, reporting other interesting blog. And the trip restart.
6. tag Y and Z, don’t know why, maybe I love the last positions
(meanwhile tags on del.icio.us where refined, so, more tags to choose, more blog to see….)

I’ve found
• shyness for first blog post. But also, for every ‘lame‘, ‘shy‘, ‘trivial‘ etc. someone from the network had already said ‘it’s not lame‘, ‘don’t be shy‘, ‘it’s not trivial‘…. well done!This is the mood!
• a lot of people make reference to new professionals in the library and information sector. A subject really interesting but that seems understimate in Italy.
• myself thinking about the importance of commenting blog posts. Not always done, but tried to…..I’ve also to admit that my first attitude was thinking “damn! I’ve read the post! Now I must leave a comment (or I’ll die in 48 hours due to the cpd23 Thing 2 curse)” 😛

the rest….don’t remember. I was thinking about a great Thing 2 post, but after waiting too much, saturday suddenly knock on my window.

A special thanks to Enrico, like my boss says, “absolutely yes” you drag me in.

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