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Calendar and notes management

28 Lug

(vai al sommario in italiano)

Thing 8: Google calendar

Simply: I use it.

Also, I suggest Lightning if you use Thunderbird to manage emails. It provide integration with Google Calendar at least for events, not for tasks. (as well as having the possibility to convert emails in tasks and events).

Finally, I think Google Calendar could be more suitable for sharing events than for time management. Even if I suppose that between Google Calendar and me, is the second to have a bigger problem with time management.

Thing 9: Evernote

I knew it, but: there’s no version for LINUX!!! Hey! Evernote-people from the outer space: linux came before iPad!!!

So, back to the problem:

You want to be able to make comments on webpages and archive them along with your own notes so that everything is all in the one place and easy to access.

then back to Evernote alternatives. Tried and used some of the listed for a lot, especially Tomboy and Zim. Now it’s from about 6 months I’m using CherryTree (sometimes google docs too).
I know, there a bit of difference between Evernote and an offline (sort-of) wiki. But, frankly, I don’t have frequently that kind of problem. If I find an interesting page I decide if: subscribe it via RSS, read it later, save on bookmark, twitt it, write something about. For the rest CherryTree seems fine to me.

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