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Keep up to date good news

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Thing 4: Current awareness – Twitter, RSS and Pushnote

(vai alla versione in italiano)

“I’ve got it, got it, miss it. Ah, a new one!”
Sounds like when we were children and trading collecting cards (like public phone’s or soccer player’s ones).
Twitter is a big help to keep up-to-date, I’ve builded my network mainly on professional side, not only ‘cause none of my friends use it, also because it’s the fastest way to find quality contents (yes, better than online newspapers).
I’m a fan of RSS feed and two years ago tryed to spread rss love to my friends. When i browse the net I’m really sad to notice there’s still sites without a feed service. Google reader bundle is not so friendly, but really usefull. For example, when started cpd23 and tryed to found other italian librarian blogs, i’ve created the one you can find on this site.
Pushnote is new to me, but i found really interesting the possibility to vote and comment every site’s page. Unfortunately I found a couple of things not so good in the service. There are really a looooot of page’s on the web…a looooot of….so if you don’t have friends or neighbours it’s difficult to take advantage from the tool. I mean, to take advantage to discover things. I think it could be really usefull for that resources still without feedback capability, like comments or similar.

For this lessons I have a tool to suggest too. Summify.
It’s a tool that summarize updates/posts/feeds from: facebook, twitter, google reader (or an OPML file). Based on a simple alghoritm, provide to your mail a summary of the top N stories of the day/week/month. You can filter and train the summary with things or domain you like or dislike.
For me it’s a great tool, because (sometimes) I suffer the overflowing noise from people that re-tweet 1 news-per-second. I prefer a daily digest of the 10 top news from my network.

Ultimately I think it’s aways a matter of “what’s your network?

Update, few hour later.
After reading the post on Dots&Loops, I forgot Instapaper!!! I have a Kindle, I have 40′ when I’m on the train to/from my office, I read a lot “later”. Speak about it in a previous post.

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Little Thumbling in the wide wide web

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Thing 3: Consider your personal brand

(vai alla versione in italiano)

Thinking about my online presence as my brand is really engaging. I love the term “profersonal” and, for the first time, i make ego-searching with a specific purpose.
Anyway, I must face with the fact that before been active in online libraryworld, i was active in online somethingelseworld for some years.
Be online for a lot of time, means leave a lot of breadcrumbs behind you. But, until my first gmail address, I identified myself with nicknames from comic world, and until my falling in love with humanities computing, the crumbs concern only the personal side.

Just before starting to develop my professional side, I choosed to take more control over my online presence. So, closed some accounts and stop using nicknames
Then I thought: “if a person spend time over my name on the web, why not satisfy him giving my personality?”, it’s not a matter of hide things, but to show first what counts. So I create a splash page that aggregate my profiles, professionals and personal.
Now, trying ego-searching..em…profersonal-searching, find that first results corcening mainly my professional activity in LIS space. Then come also something else (my personal blog, my activity in the university radio, something horror I wrote for a magazine…).

When this blog come in my mind was months before its opening, so i spend a lot of time thinking the better name and the purposes (as soon as I can I’ll translate and give more visibility to the first post, where I explain thoose things…i think).
Sadly, I feel comfortable with my avatar and don’t want stop use it. But my splash page is built over a giant photograph of me during a metropolitan safari with dinosaurs 😛

….so….this is the brand’s core values:”not hide my personality” that i hope is perceived during my job, on my professional side.
Do you think I’m on the right way?

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With great power comes great responsibility

25 Giu

Thing 2: Investigate some other blogs

(vai alla versione in italiano)

It’s not simple. At the beginning I was thinking that should be like my first day of school “say your name, prevous school, favourite cartoons and bands”. But I haven’t more than 500 classmates!
So I tried with:
1. people from non-english speaking countries. Like Ella (and others) from Latvia, with which i share the same feelings about spread in our native language the cpd23 experience.
2. people who commented my first post.
3. people who commented blog of people who commented my first post.
4. people who commented blog of people who commented blog of people who commented my first post.
5. meanwhile people from point 2-3-4 started to post about Thing 2, reporting other interesting blog. And the trip restart.
6. tag Y and Z, don’t know why, maybe I love the last positions
(meanwhile tags on del.icio.us where refined, so, more tags to choose, more blog to see….)

I’ve found
• shyness for first blog post. But also, for every ‘lame‘, ‘shy‘, ‘trivial‘ etc. someone from the network had already said ‘it’s not lame‘, ‘don’t be shy‘, ‘it’s not trivial‘…. well done!This is the mood!
• a lot of people make reference to new professionals in the library and information sector. A subject really interesting but that seems understimate in Italy.
• myself thinking about the importance of commenting blog posts. Not always done, but tried to…..I’ve also to admit that my first attitude was thinking “damn! I’ve read the post! Now I must leave a comment (or I’ll die in 48 hours due to the cpd23 Thing 2 curse)” 😛

the rest….don’t remember. I was thinking about a great Thing 2 post, but after waiting too much, saturday suddenly knock on my window.

A special thanks to Enrico, like my boss says, “absolutely yes” you drag me in.

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Let’s go 23 Things for Professional Development!

21 Giu

cpd23 logoThing 1: Create your own blog, write about what you hope to get out of the programme.

Luckily I follow Enrico Francese’s Mind Matters, so discovered this great project just in time for the first lesson.

Until yesterday night I didn’t know anything about “23 things something…”, but, after reading the program, I ended up thinking “hey! this is the right way to regularly update your blog, learning something new and spreading it”.

I’ve translated my presentation at about.me, so now you (english speaking people from the outer space) knows who I am. I’ve started blogging a lot of time ago, first only for personal purposes, then to stay in touch with friends losts in the world and, finally last year, open this blog to (try to) improve italian discussions about library automation. Sadly, I never realized how hard is to keep updated this space, when I have a lots more to learn (and work).

By the way,  there’s cpd23, let’s get on the train and seize the day.  I’m waiting for things: 7-8-9-14-16-17-18-19 🙂 but also interested to join the network (what? how many partecipants?!?! 414?!?! toooo muuuuchhh peopleeee….who I may know???? argh! ok, no panic! is the next Thing! now I’m on the first…so…no panic! tomorrow homeworks..)

I’m not sure about the language to use. I don’t know who usually read this pages (ok, my stats says “don’t worry, only 4 or 5 people in the known universe), but for the aim of this blog I think it’s better to use italian (and to preserve you, english speaking people from the outer space, from the worst macaroni english you may ever read in your life). Anyway! ‘cause I must improve my english and network too (even though free wordpress.com try to prevent me from multilanguage posting), I’ll try to write something in english (or provide quick link to google translate :P).

P.S. and finally I’ve reverted to english my blog tagline, that make more sense…

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