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29 Nov

Thing 23: Reflection – What next?

Ok, here we are. The final post about cpd23. Right near the deadline. I’ve did it!

Glad to participate to the program, discovering the UK situation for librarians, and compare with italian’s situation. There’s a lot of good ideas, initiatives and librarians. (My only regret was seeing too much cpd23-bloggers disappear slowly from my feed reader…)

As I expected, it force me to blog semi-regularly. This led me to consider another approach to blog posting: “write less, post more“. I think a lot about my work and follow some news, so why not share more thoughts?

Mantain this blog and try to create conversations is the first task on my Personal Development Plan. By now, every other task is “finish-to-read-that-damn-book” related (this and this) or something like “organize-yourself-remember-what-free-time-means“.

Sometimes I think about the language issue (english? italian? both?), but given the difficult I’ve found to mantain both, I think the majority of future post will be italian only (sooo saaad). Maybe some tech post will be only in english, who knows….

ok, done, also the survey….now gimme the certificate! 😛


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