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save your reference will save your time

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Thing 14: Zotero / Mendeley / citeulike

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Back from the summer, back to work. Well…indeed I’ve worked all the time…by the way, sorry for the late late late late post.
Cpd23 is near the end and my reflection are still on 22 august….

Talk about Zotero, Mendeley and citeulike is all about bibliographic reference. I must admit that my experience with this topic is very low. During my studies I encounter these kind of tools, but never start to use them seriously (sometimes Zotero, but Mendeley application for Linux was not so good). Also, after my degree, I’ve faced two obstacles:
1. no need to manage bibliographic reference, ‘cause no one ask me to produce scholarly articles etc etc
2. I felt in the “too-work-no-time-for-organization” sindrome

After a year or so, finally I’ll have to produce scholarly articles and the second point will become “all-my-work-is-a-matter-of-organization”….so I hope to improve my use of those tools, at least to suggest them to people that really need.

I think the better tool for manage bibliographic reference is Mendeley, because rather than Zotero or citeulike has a client not tied to a browser. So, if you have a bunch of documents that you need to reorganize, you should use Mendeley (my case…).
I never used citeulike, but Zotero has always been tied to my browser. It’s funny because I use it to review websites rather than to save references.
Like other firefox addons (for example DublinCore viewer), it show me if the site take care about metadata.

Now that I’m actively developing a (so-called) next generation catalog I must take care about how to tell to Zotero (and others) “hey, this content it’s for you”. My decision was to implement COinS (ContextObject in SPAN) to embed citation metadata in HTML. It’s a simple but effective technique. Ask your vendor to implement it 😛

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